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Junk-Bond Investors Can’t Make Up Their Mind About Oil Prices

It was a celebrity breakup, of sorts, in markets.

At the start of this year, credit investors undertook a conscious uncoupling from oil prices. As the cost of a barrel of West Texas Intermediate leaped in the wake of the production cut agreement announced by OPEC in November, a measure of junk-rated bonds lagged behind.

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Webinar Bloomberg – Asia 2017: Navigating Challenges

Asia 2017: Navigating Challenges
Bloomberg Intelligence economist Tamara Henderson discussed the key challenges facing ASEAN and Australia/New Zealand, the likely policy responses as well as implications for growth, inflation and currencies in 2017.
For your convenience, a recorded version of the webinar is available now.

World’s Safest Market Beset by Most Volatility Since 2008

The $1.5 trillion market for U.S. Treasury bills, known as an oasis of stability for investors worldwide, is experiencing the most volatility since the financial crisis.

Daily swings in the government’s shortest-maturity obligations are widening as debate over the Federal Reserve’s path collides with rising demand for the securities before the implementation of regulations intended to make money-market funds safer. Read more