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ASIFMA – Global Liquidity Study

Global Liquidity Study

Liquidity is essential to efficient markets that can drive capital formation, investor opportunity and economic growth. The Global Financial Markets Association (GFMA) together with the International Institute of Finance (IIF) requested PwC to carry out a study of liquidity conditions across markets globally. 

The full report prepared by PwC (including an Executive Summary), released on behalf of the two Associations, is available here:
The key highlights of this study include:
1. Regulatory changes post the Global Financial Crisis, among other factors including bank de-risking, have contributed to a definite reduction in financial market liquidity.
2. Policymakers need to review the reforms to date and the ongoing regulatory agenda; specifically, there is a need to assess whether current and future regulaotry initiatives could have a further adverse impact on liquidity.
3. Market participants have adjusted to this decline in liquidity and to date, there have been no adverse economic impacts – accommodative monetary policy including Quantitative Easing (QE) have helped ease some of these liquidity pressures. However, the unwinding of QE, the removal of monetary accommodation or a stressed environment could lead to increased financial  market volatility. This report highlights the key role played by dealer market makers in providing liquidity during times of market volatility.
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India needs to improve bond markets: ASIFMA

The Asian industry body ASIFMA has recommended that broad measures are needed to reform India’s bond markets.

ASIFMA has produced a report this week claiming that if its suggestions were to be implemented, Indian bond markets would develop, strengthen and become more appealing to investors.

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