Webinar : The Effect of IFRS 9 on the Banks’ Credit Business

The Effect of IFRS 9 on the Banks’ Credit Business 
Date: April 6, 2017
Time: 10:00 a.m. GMT
Dan Bolland, Director in Banking, KPMG
Arnaud Picut, Head of Risk Practice, Misys
Other speakers will be announced shortly.

The new accounting standard will have significant impact on the credit business and the way credit decisions will be made in the future, starting from credit origination to final accounting. In this webinar, business experts will look at the way the new accounting standard will be impacting the decision making process from beginning to end, including the changing roles of CROs, Finance and Treasury.

In this webinar business experts will explore:

  • What are the practical implications that IFRS 9 will bring to financial institutions?
  • Which considerations should credit institutions take into account to arrive at a more aligned credit decision process beyond IFRS 9?
  • As a consequence, how will the roles between risk, finance and treasury change?
  • How extensive is the change of systems and processes and what should banks consider in their technology and implementation?


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