[Invitation] Moody’s Webcast: Asian Port Operators: Credit Profiles Presurred by Rising Challenges, 4 August 2016, 15.00 HKT

Moody’s Webcast : Asian Port Operators : Credit Profiles Pressured by Rising Challenges

Thursday, 4 August 2016, 12:30 Mumbai / 15:00 Hong Kong / 17:00 Sydney

Discussion Items

·         Lackluster global growth and high capex commitments are driving challenges

·         Transshipment ports are more exposed than gateway ports

·         Deteriorating export competitiveness is pressuring Chinese port operators

·         Most port operators have scope to take remedial measures 


Terry Fanous, Managing Director, Project, Public and Infrastructure Finance Group

Arnon Musiker, Senior Vice President

Ray Tay, Vice President – Senior Analyst

Osbert Tang, Vice President – Senior Analyst

Abhishek Tyagi, Vice President – Senior Analyst

The entire session — with prepared remarks and the Q&A — will last about one hour.

If you wish to participate, please RSVP early 


Registration Is Required

Replay information will be provided to registrants after the session.

Submit Questions in Advance

Participants are encouraged to submit questions in advance of the session by clicking here.



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