Live Webcast and Q&A: Global Structured Finance: 2016 Review and Developments, 13th July 10am Eastern time

Global Structured Finance: 2016 First Half Review and A Discussion of Developments for the Second Half

Live Webcast and Q&A

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Date & Time:

July 13, 2016
10:00 a.m. EDT

S&P Global Ratings will hold a Live Webcast to provide an overview of credit conditions in the first half of 2016 and to discuss developments in various ABS products. We will also discuss our preliminary AAA/AA/A ratings on a groundbreaking $1.2bn Verizon securitization backed by wireless device payment plan agreements.


Introduction and General Trends:
Darrell Wheeler
James Manzi
Tom Schopflocher

Erin Kitson
Aaron Lei

Andrew South

Latin America:
Leandro Albuqerque

Mobile Phone ABS:
Mark O’Neil

Credit Cards:
Ildiko Szilank

Auto Loans & Leases:
Amy Martin
Jennie Lam

Student Loans:
John Anglim

Jeremy Schneider
Stephen Buteau

Jimmy Kobylinski
Eric Hudson

Kate Scanlin

Commercial ABS:
Joanne Desimone

James Digney
Deegant Pandya

Register for the webcast

Moderated by:

Darrell Wheeler
Global Head of Structured Finance Research

All speakers are from S&P Global Ratings.

Please feel free to forward this invitation to your colleagues and customers.
A replay will be sent to all registrants.

S&P Global Ratings’ Webcasts deliver audio and slides in a streamlined presentation. You will need computer speakers or headphones to listen to the audio stream. Throughout this live webcast, you may submit your questions for the presenters in real time via the Webcast interface.


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