Webinar : The Multi-Asset RETHINK, Thursday, May 19th, 11 AM EST

The Multi-Asset RETHINK – IIJ
Webcast – Thursday, May 19th  11:00 A.M. Eastern / 8:00 A.M. Pacific
Live Q&A to follow broadcast
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Featured in this webcast:

David Millar, Head of Multi Asset, Invesco Perpetual – ”In fact, I don’t actually like the term multi asset, because that assumes you’re starting with asset classes. We’re not. We actually look for independent themes in the global macro space.”

Adam Duncan, Head of Portfolio Modeling and Quantitative Research, Cambridge Associates – “There’s lots of different flavors. You have your traditional GTAA…there’s your unconstrained mandates…Multi-asset is a bit of a misnomer.”

Charles Van Vleet, Assistant Treasurer, CIO, Textron – “My definition of an asset class is a unique set of income streams…I very much want to stay diversified by asset class.”


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