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BrightTalk Webinar : P2P Lending and its Limits, Risks? April 13, 430pm IST

Live online Apr 13 4:30 pm IST 

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With P2P lending being hailed as the future of lending, one has to ask, what are the risks involved, what are the challenges one might face in this realm, and ultimately, what are the limits of P2P lending?

Join this panel session where we will answer:

– Is the P2P Lending space not getting overcrowded ?

– What is the next phase in P2P lending ?

– The big awakening – once interest rates start to raise.

– Will Alternative lenders not eventually end up in the hand of the banks ?

– What are the regulatory threats ?

 Presented by
Pierre Suhrcke (Pascal Capital), Tom Meredith (SmartToken Chain), Florent Roulet (Nor Capital)