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Webinar : How Does Indexing Make for Creative Asset Allocation?, 19th Nov 2pm EST

The breadth and depth of index-based tools offers creative ways for advisors to construct asset allocations. Today, the wide availability of index products lets advisors focus more directly on deriving alpha from the asset allocation mix.

Join S&P DJI and three innovative practitioners as we discuss their first-hand accounts of:

•   How index-based portfolio management affords the opportunity to focus on high-value client services, such as individualized planning and matching risk tolerance and time horizon with appropriate investment vehicles

•   Innovations in indices and products across the asset class spectrum that can help to simplify and optimize allocations

•   Unique risk-management techniques that help validate the value-add of the in-person, holistic advisor

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Todd D. Green, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Alesco Advisors

Jerry A. Miccolis, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Giralda Advisors

Jared M. Rowley, CFA, Research Strategist, State Street Global Advisors

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