Interest Rate Risk: Lessons from 2 Decades of Low Interest Rates in Japan


In 2005, economist Richard Koo and The Economist warned that U.S. home prices were in for a collapse much like that seen in Japan after the bubble in real estate and stock prices peaked in December, 1989. “The U.S. is not Japan,” was a phrase used to dismiss any “foreign” data out of hand, much like the 1980s Japanese Minister of International Trade and Industry who stated that foreign ski makers could not compete in Japan because “Japanese snow is different.” In this note, we focus on a critical issue in many countries: what does the experience of other countries with very low interest rates tell us about what lies ahead for U.S. and European interest rates and interest rate risk analysis?


The Association of International Wealth Management of India (AIWMI) is a not-for-profit organization and a globally recognized membership association for finance professionals. AIWMI primarily focuses on the broad and strategic role of developing a more robust and forward-looking training infrastructure for the financial services sector and to promote more active industry involvement and collaboration in training and continuing education. AIWMI is offering advanced international certification programs along with a wide variety of high-quality executive education programs. AIWMI programs combine state-of-the-art knowledge and skills with practical experience and insights into the functioning of the financial sector. All AIWMI courses and educational events have an intense and pragmatic curriculum. Participants are exposed to the latest developments within the financial services sector. AIWMI plays a key role in guiding the development of the financial services sector. AIWMI works with key industry participants’ viz. the Government, the Regulators, the Industries/Associations, the Corporate, the Media and the General Public to achieve its objectives. Besides enhancing technical competence and professionalism in the industry, AIWMI organizes events and facilitates discussions to promote best practices in leadership and talent development in the financial sector with an aim to become Asia’s premier center of excellence for financial education.

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