Webcast : Smart Beta: Check Your Emotions at the Door, Sept 30, 2pm EST

Investors today have more options than ever when constructing a portfolio. The rise in passive investing indicates that many are searching for ways to take the day-to-day human decisions out of the process. That’s a key message from the panelists in this Institutional Investor Journals webcast.

Human nature prevents many traditional active managers from separating out their emotions, or “gut” instincts, from the investment process. Smart beta allows the investor to construct an investment process to achieve a goal of enhanced returns through various market cycles while keeping emotions out of the picture.Smart beta, by nature, sticks to the plan! 

JOIN US for this informative webcast, which will be followed by a live Q&A session.

John Feyerer

Cameron Lilja
Cathy Scott

Dave Waldron

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