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Webinar : Oil’s in the Middle: Who Moved My Oil? Sept 17, 9am ET, 630pm IST, 9pm HKT

Oil’s in the Middle: Who Moved My Oil?
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S&P DJI invites you to the live streaming of our seminar that brings together key decision-makers for thought-provoking discussions on topical issues driving the commodities industry.

The Three Big Disruptors
How are booming U.S. shale production, OPEC’s increase in oil supply, and growing Chinese demand changing the commodities landscape?

Navigating Global Uncertainty After the Oil Crash
Will the new equilibrium push oil prices higher or lower?

Out of the Ground Versus To Be Grown
or Enjoying the Taste of Other Commodities
How can agriculture, metals, and natural gas help diversify a commodities portfolio?

After the Dip, Do Commodities Represent an Opportunity?
Where is the commodity money going today, and what strategies have been working?