Webinar & Survey Report : Uncovering the Growing Need of Global Limits Management, Feb 24, 10am GMT

Uncovering the Growing Need of Global Limits Management: Profit from Limits

The latest PRMIA survey shows that a lot of work still has to be done to comply to the myriad of regulations that ask for better risk limits management oversight 

PRMIA and Misys are inviting you to a webinar with industry experts.
Moderated by David M. Rowe, Senior Strategist, Risk and Regulation, Misys, the panel will discuss:

  • How are limits currently informing banks risk appetite?
  • Have limits merely become more important for regulatory compliance or what are the real drivers
  • Which are the key challenges to achieve global limits?​
Register for the webinar
Date: February 24
Time: 10am GMT /11am CETDownload the full research report here

Survey highlights:

  • Only one-fifth of respondents say they have fully achieved what the survey shows to be the most important capability, the total firm-wide exposure to any one entity
  • Two-thirds of respondents believe the importance of global limits management has increased, which is mainly driven by regulatory compliance but also motivated by a need for more accurate and timely reporting
  • On average, banks can aggregate up to 58% of breaches and limits automatically

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