S&P : 2012 Annual Global Corporate Default Study And Rating Transitions

In 2011, Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services’ downgrade of the U.S. had spillover effects on corporate borrowers throughout the country. A year later, the same happened with Europe’s economic turmoil and sovereign debt crisis. Nevertheless, corporate borrowers showed some resilience during 2012. In the full year, 84 global corporate issuers defaulted, up from 53 in 2011 and nearly the same as the 2010 total of 83 (see table 1). These 84 defaulted issuers accounted for a total of $86.7 billion in debt, up from $84.3 billion in 2011. (Watch the related CreditMatters TV segment titled, “The Key Findings Behind Standard & Poor’s 2012 Global Corporate Default And Ratings Transition Study,” dated March 18, 2013.)

Read more at https://www.globalcreditportal.com/ratingsdirect/renderArticle.do?articleId=1113087&SctArtId=205025&from=CM&nsl_code=CMTSE&sp_mid=26453&sp_rid=22560


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