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Black Swans, Reputational Damage and Strategic Risks, Aug 26 830pm IST

Black Swans, Reputational Damage and Strategic Risks: The 360-Degree ERM Solution

Date: Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Time: 11:00 am EDT | 4:00 pm BST | 11:00 pm HKT
Duration: 60 minutes

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Among the management shortcomings exposed in the financial crisis were weaknesses in risk metrics and analytics — an overreliance on data that was not sufficiently timely, accurate or risk-sensitive, which led to poor decision-making and, in turn, contributed to such negative consequences as strategy failure, stalled projects, reputational damage and financial losses. Those hard lessons showed the need for better data management and analysis, implemented as part of more effective and integrated enterprise risk management frameworks and corporate risk cultures.

In this webcast, our experts will explore some key learnings from those hard experiences: How robust, technology-supported ERM processes can guide organizations through their risk-appetite assessments; understand and manage their exposure to extreme “black swan” events; understand the uncertainties and interdependencies of regulatory compliance, market conditions and competition; integrate risk and strategy management to mitigate the downside while seizing growth opportunities; and ultimately benefit from a 360-degree, enterprise-wide perspective that enables risk-based decision-making in resource allocation and cost-benefit analysis

Key learning objectives include:

  • Understanding the need for Businesses to own the Risk
  • Role of Risk Management framework to provide a 360 degree view of Risks
  • Enlightening on importance of Risk Analytics as a value addition to risk management
  • Role of Technology for automating risk management process in a cost effective manner

Eric Kavanagh, The Bloor Group

Brenda Boultwood, Senior Vice President of Industry Solutions, MetricStream

Jim Fitzmaurice, Executive Advisor, CEB Audit Leadership Council and CEB Risk Management Leadership Council