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Webinar : “Quality” Investing Like Never Before: Alternate Beta is Taking Shape, July 10, 10am EDT

Thursday, July 10, 2014

10 A.M. EDT

3 P.M. BST

You are cordially invited to a complimentary live webinar on the latest in alternate beta investing.

Why all the hype about alternate beta?  Numerous industry practitioners and academics believe that the source of quality returns is unique and combining quality with other alternate beta strategies may enhance returns while offering diversification. However, while classic alternate beta strategies like momentum, intrinsic value or low volatility are somewhat understood, quality strategies remain  an enigma – largely due to the lack of consensus on how “quality” should be defined.

Join us at this live 60-minute webinar for investment professionals,where industry thinkers will sort through the clutter, cut to the chase and take a stand on defining “quality” investing. Learn about global trends and practical implications for quality investors from both sides of the coin. This webinar will also examine:

  • The rise of alternate beta strategies as building blocks
  • What is “quality” and is it a persistent performance/risk factor?
  • Under what macroeconomic environment do quality strategies perform well?
  • Would combining quality and other alternative beta strategies help to diversify and accent risk-adjusted returns?

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Matthew Arnold, CFA, Vice President, State Street Global Advisors
Aniket Das, Vice President, Manager Research, Redington Consultants
Daniel Ung, CFA, Associate Director, Index Research & Design, S&P Dow Jones Indices

Martin Steward, Investments Editor, IPE International Publishers