Webinar : Private Equity and Foreign Investments in the Dairy Industry in India, 27th June 3pm IST

As the Indian dairy market evolves and matures over time, there would be increasing opportunities for investment of growth capital as well as Mergers & Acquisitions in the sector.

During the webinar sector experts will share their perspectives on the opportunities and challenges in the Dairy sector in India.


The Indian Dairy Sector of USD 60 bn in size and growing has caught the fancy of many private equity players and now potentially global strategics. Over USD 150 mn investment by PEs has been pumped in, as Indian dairy players rush to scale up in terms of capacity, geography and new value added products. The Operation Flood, which lay the foundation of the “Milk Story” in India is truly expected to flood the market with multiple dairy players, all seeking to grab share of the burgeoning consumerism in India, with “Milk” at entry point leading all the way to “Value Added Products aka Cheese, Butter etc”.
The Lactalis – Tirumala Milk transaction is yet another reflection of the growing interest in the Indian Dairy Sector with many potential strategic deals expected in the future. At Aurum, we believe that the sector will throw open many deals – funding, restructuring, acquisitions, listings etc in the near future…
There is lot to be “milked”.
Date        :      Friday, the 27th of June 2014
Time        :     3pm – 4pm IST
Format    :     Webinar

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Nitin Jain Dr. R.S. Khanna
Lead – Agri, Food & Beverages
Aurum Equity Partners
Sector Specialist – Dairy
(Agri and Food & Beverages)
Aurum Equity Partners
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Aurum Equity Partners LLP, is a new age Indian Investment Banking Firm with specialization in mergers, acquisitions, private equity and structured finance & restructuring.

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