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Webinar : Trains, Planes & Infrastructure Investing, Tuesday June 24, 4pm IST

You are cordially invited to a complimentary live webinar on Investing in Infrastructure in India.

As one of the fastest growing economies in the world the need for infrastructure in India is growing across sectors. The Eleventh Five Year Plan envisages a total investment of US$ 514 billion in the infrastructure sector to bridge the infrastructure deficit and for sustaining the growth momentum of 9% per anum. This requires a target of 30% investment from the private sector.

Join us for this 60 minute live webinar where industry experts cut to the chase on Infrastructure investing. Hear about global trends and practical implications for infrastructure investors.

The webinar will examine,

• The Importance & Impact of Infrastructure to sustain growth in India
• Defining the key sectors in Infrastructure
• Impact of Infrastructure growth on Indian Stock Markets
• Key trends that highlight past performance & prospects of Infrastructure Investing

Submit your questions in advance or ask them during the live Q&A session following the webinar.

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Covenant erosion adds to HY risks

NO ONE ENJOYS getting insulted – unless, perhaps, they’re a masochist or a contestant on a reality TV show. But it seems investors in high-yield bonds these days are looking to get in on the act. According to veteran high-yield fund manager Philip Milburn of Kames Capital, which runs two high-yield bond funds, investors are now embracing debt structures that are – in words he used recently in addressing fund selectors at the Kames head office – “at best questionable, and at worst downright insulting”.

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