Webinar : Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Credit Risk Solutions & Best Practices, 3rd June 2014, 11am ET

How do you measure the credit risk of new commercial mortgages during the loan origination process? Are you currently monitoring and managing risk involving your commercial real estate (CRE) portfolio?

Institutions are faced with increasing requirements to quantify risk in their CRE portfolios. These requirements come from shareholders seeking to maximize their risk adjusted return and from the regulators requiring adequate capital reserve levels. Developing accurate default and recovery models for CRE mortgage portfolios is a significant challenge due to data limitations and constraints on internal resources.

Join Moody’s Analytics for a complimentary webinar with commercial real estate credit risk experts, Christian Henkel, Director, Risk Consulting and Sumit Grover, Associate Director, CRE Product Management to discuss the following topics:
• Overview of CRE credit risk management challenges
• Data Management & Credit Risk solutions that address the needs of this asset class
• CRE Stress Testing Model & Approach


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