Moody’s Teleconference Invitation: Challenges for Global Automakers in 2014, 10 April 2014, 130pm IST

Moody’s Teleconference Challenges for Global Automakers in 2014

Improving profitability and competitiveness  Thursday, 10 April 201416:00 Hong Kong / 17:00 Tokyo / 18:00 Sydney

Discussion Items·         Global outlook: low single-digit growth, China remains key growth driver·         Japan: weaker yen and cost reductions support modest growth·         Korea: won appreciation challenges automakers’ competitiveness·         US and Europe: overcapacity triggers restructuring and cost reductions  


Gary Lau, Managing Director, Corporate Finance Group

Bruce Clark, Senior Vice PresidentChris Park, Vice President – Senior Credit Officer

Peggy Furusaka, Vice President – Senior Credit Officer

Yasmina Serghini-Douvin, Vice President – Senior Analyst

The entire session — with prepared remarks and the Q&A — will last about one hour.If you wish to participate, please RSVP early. Dial-in numbers will be provided.  

REGISTER HERE  Registration Is Required
Replay information will be provided after the teleconference.


Press Release: Moody’s: Stable outlook for global auto manufacturers despite easing demand in emerging markets, 27 February 2014 ·

Industry Outlook: Outlook Update: Global Automotive Manufacturers – Easing Demand in Some Emerging Markets To Be Offset by China, Recovery in Western Europe, 27 February 2014

A complete list of Moody’s methodologies may be found here.


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