Moody’s Teleconference Invitation: Sovereign Strengths Offset External Shocks, 2 April 2014, 830am IST

Moody’s Teleconference

Sovereign Strengths Offset External Shocks China, India, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia Wednesday, 2 April 201411:00 Hong Kong / 12:00 Tokyo / 14:00 Sydney

Discussion Items

Strong external payments positions provide a cushion to abrupt changes in capital flows, Low government and foreign-currency debt reduces exposure to market volatility,     Sovereigns with moderately high foreign-currency debt have managed well their exposures and All economies are vulnerable to slower growth in China, tepid recovery in the US and EU

Speakers Tim Osborne, Head of Asia Pacific Communications Tom Byrne, Senior Vice President/Manager, Sovereign Risk Group Christian de Guzman, VP – Senior Analyst The entire session — with prepared remarks and the Q&A — will last about one hour.If you wish to participate, please RSVP early. Dial-in numbers will be provided.

REGISTER HERE  Registration is required.

Replay information will be provided after the teleconference. Submit Questions in Advance

Participants are encouraged to submit questions in advance of the teleconference by clicking here. 

Related Research and Methodologies

Press Release: Moody’s: Recent emerging market volatility is a reminder of Asia’s external exposures, 26 March 2014

Special Comment: External Vulnerabilities, Exposures, Mitigants and Credit Supports25 March 2014  A complete list of Moody’s methodologies may be found here.


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