Morningstar Webinar : Determine Optimal Asset Allocation Strategies, 30th Jan 2014, 330pm IST

Webinar Invite | Determine Optimal Asset Allocation Strategies

 Join us to determine Optimal Asset Allocation Strategies and learn how to create optimal asset allocation policies for specific investment goals.

  • Develop asset class assumptions
  • Identify your target portfolio(s), and
  • Forecast future performance

This webinar is for Advisors and Mutual Fund professionals who are interested in learning more about the Strategic Asset Allocation capabilities within Morningstar Direct.

 The webinar will be held today on 30th January, 3:30pm. Registration is free.

For registrations – kindly note the details belo 

Webex Link-

 Dial-in details (Teleconference) : 022 – 61501643

Attendee access code : 777 888 9990

RSVP: Bhavik Poladia, Manager- Customer Support |+91- 22- 61217124


Morningstar India



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