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Webinar : Learn Financial Modeling and Give your Career the Boost it Needs, 22 Jan 2014 730pm

Exclusive upcoming Webinar on Financial Modeling targeting Finance Professionals.

Find the details below:

  • Topic: Learn Financial Modeling and Give your Career the Boost it Needs
  • Date: 22nd January 2014
  • Time: 10 PM – 11 PM HKT
  • Registration Link : Click here

The good thing about this Webinar is that it requires no fee for participation.

Financial Modeling has been known to enhance peoples’ careers and salaries too. Do you want to be one of them? Financial Modeling will take your career to new heights as you will learn about:

  • Valuation of companies,
  • Risk involved in their investments,
  • Make projections about the outcome, etc.

Why don’t you take the risk as well? It might just change the path of your career. You could also recommend this Webinar to your colleagues at your organization. It might prove to be beneficial to them too!


S&P : South And Southeast Asian Economies Grapple With Growth And External Financing Risks

Some analysts have turned up the volume on the risks facing Asia’s emerging economies. At the same time, global financial markets are exhibiting more turbulence, with significant sell-offs in emerging markets. Capital is exiting Asia, bourses and currencies are coming under pressure, funding costs are rising, and some company balance sheets are coming under stress. This has been particularly true in South and Southeast Asia, where external deficits are the norm. This market turbulence comes on the heels of recent cuts in Asian GDP growth estimates, most notably for China. Are we on the verge of a repeat of the Asian financial crisis as the region pays for its excessive borrowing post-Lehman? The road may be rocky in the near term, particularly for the largest deficit countries–India and Indonesia–but we don’t think this is the Asian crisis all over again.