Daily Archives: October 22, 2013

Rising Risks to Emerging East Asia’s Local Currency Bonds – ADB Report

TOKYO, JAPAN – Emerging East Asia’s local currency bond markets are still expanding but risks to the outlook are rising given the prospects of tighter US monetary policy, slower economic growth in Asia, and persistent capital outflows, according to the latest quarterly Asia Bond Monitor from the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Read more at http://www.adb.org/news/rising-risks-emerging-east-asias-local-currency-bonds-adb-report

Indian Banks May Need INR2.6 Trillion Of Additional Capital By 2018 As They Strive To Meet Basel III Requirements

In the high-growth Indian banking system, banks face a constant need to replenish capital at regular intervals to support their growth. In addition, from April 1, 2013, Indian banks will begin to implement the new Basel III capital requirements. In Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services’ view, the higher capital requirement under Basel III will increase pressures on Indian banks to raise capital and could lead to some changes in the industry. However, we believe the top-tier banks in the Indian banking sector are relatively well-placed to manage the transition toward Basel III and the demands of a high-growth banking system.